About Me

For 9 years in software development, I have hand-on area including Backend, Frontend, Mobile, DevOps, and recently with Machine learning. With experiences in these areas provide me the full insight in software development cycle.

For what I come across I have sharpen my skills in 5 categories:
– Machine Learning: Keras, Tensorflow, Pytorch, Computer Vision
– Back End Development with Ruby On Rails, Django, Flash, FastAPI, ExpressJS, NestJS
– Front end development with ReactJS, VueJS, JQuery, TailwindCSS, Bootstrap and Sass
– DevOps: Linux, AWS, Google Cloud, Docker, Kubenetes
– Mobile Development with React Native (Expo)

I am much practice in TDD and BDD of software development which leads me to follow best practice and style guide.

I am the kind of guy who focuses on application structure, data structure, collaboration, improving application, and the sense of code by its responsibility, rather than being a ‘nerd’ who focuses solely on low-level coding that can be found on the internet.

My goal is to help startup generate flexible ideas. Architect, Improve, Clear the blockage and Refactor to ensure of the future maintainability and scalability.