Web Application Consultant

Turn you idea into profitable cloud base solution

Who is Uysim?

He is a Senior Software Engineer with 6+ years of experience. He has come across multiple SasS startups. He has helped a lot of startup owners to clear their development blockages. He has turned the fixed developments into flexible web applications.  

Be Innovative

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SaaS Development

Turn your idea into the profitable software service 

Web Design

Craft a  website strand out from your competitor

Web Application

Develop a cloud base solution that help your business process

Clear Blockage

Generate idea and solution for your problem in development

Turn your idea into a product

My Skills

Ruby On Rails 100%
PostgreSQL / MySQL 100%
RSpec, Cucumber, Capybara, Selenium 100%
GraphQL, Rest API, JSON-API 100%
Docker Swarm, Kubenetes 90%
AWS, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Vultr, Heroku 90%
Jquery 100%
VueJS 100%
ReactJS 100%
React Native 100%
Bootstrap 100%
SaaS and CSS 100%