Full-Stack And Machine Learning Engineer

Uysim Ty

For 9 years in software development, I have hand-on area including Backend, Frontend, Mobile, DevOps, and recently with Machine learning. With experiences in these areas provide me the full insight in software development cycle.

For what I come across I have sharpen my skills in 5 categories:
– Machine Learning: Keras, Tensorflow, Pytorch, Computer Vision
– Back End Development with Ruby On Rails, Django, Flash, FastAPI, ExpressJS, NestJS
– Front end development with ReactJS, VueJS, JQuery, TailwindCSS, Bootstrap and Sass
– DevOps: Linux, AWS, Google Cloud, Docker, Kubenetes
– Mobile Development with React Native (Expo)

I am much practice in TDD and BDD of software development which leads me to follow best practice and style guide.

I am the kind of guy who focuses on application structure, data structure, collaboration, improving application, and the sense of code by its responsibility, rather than being a ‘nerd’ who focuses solely on low-level coding that can be found on the internet.

My goal is to help startup generate flexible ideas. Architect, Improve, Clear the blockage and Refactor to ensure of the future maintainability and scalability.


Uysim is a great colleague to have. Humble, energetic and extremely dependable, he owns his work, understands what matters and knows what to work on next, asking questions as needed, not sitting and waiting to be told what to do. Not being a native English speaker didn’t get in the way of him sharing important ideas and insights and becoming a dear member of the Passbase team. At Passbase, Uysim was a core maintainer of our Ruby on Rails backend, handling features, support and app security. He also worked with Product on the cost and potential return of different initiatives, playing directly into product prioritization. As a highlight, Uysim helped us switch facial recognition vendors, leading to improvements on reliability and over $100k/year in cost savings. Highly recommended!

Guilherme Dantas

VP Product Engineering, Passbase

I am pleased to say that you have exceeded our expectations in several key areas during your tenure with the company.
First and foremost, you have consistently delivered work on time and to a high standard. Your expertise in the framework has been invaluable, and you have been able to own and support our core product API. In addition, your efforts in tackling technical debt have been greatly appreciated, and your attention to detail has ensured that our code base is maintainable. Your contributions have been essential in keeping the product running smoothly and have earned you the respect of your colleagues.
Communication is key in our team, and I am happy to say that you have been easy to talk to and communicate with. You have always been willing to share your knowledge and experience, and your insights have been valuable in driving our projects forward.
Finally, I was always glad to hear that you have enjoyed working with the company. Your positive attitude and enthusiasm have helped create a supportive and collaborative work environment.
We wish you the very best luck in your next challenges!

Marius Virbičianskas

Engineering Manager, Passbase

It has been a pleasure to be working with Uysim. He consistently demonstrated his outstanding work ethics and his commitment to our product, always going the extra mile to ensure that everything was running smoothly.
Whenever something went wrong, and we needed immediate support, Uysim was there to support and provide a solution. He was instrumental in driving new initiatives forward, always eager to understand how they fit into the bigger picture, challenging my ideas, while having an attention of details.
Whenever technical challenges were faced, he would present multiple pathways towards a solution, which allowed great discussion and supported the decision-making process greatly.
Last but not least, his positive attitude and friendly demeanor made it a joy to work with him. It was always nice to have a chat with him, whenever we found ourselves early to meetings, waiting for people to join!

Tim Kluge

Head of product, Passbase